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Director of Finance

To be the Councils' s151 officer, with statutory responsibilities under the Local Government Act 1972 and s114 of the Local Government Finance Act 1988 to maintain the financial administration of the Councils, balancing local service needs with corporate interests while also ensuring compliance with all financial, statutory and constitutional requirements.

To contribute to the strategic leadership of the Councils and to ensure effective and efficient financial management of the organisation to meet Councils objectives.


To lead the development of the Councils' budgets, working with both administrations and to develop and deliver the Councils' Medium Term Financial Strategies and balanced budgets.

To play a key role in developing and delivering the Councils' transformation programmes, particularly in relation to delivering efficiency savings and the development of shared services and a single operating model, including within finance.

To be responsible for the efficient and effective management and delivery of the management accountancy support services including:

  • all revenue and capital budgeting monitoring and statutory final account preparation,
  • financial appraisal of capital and revenue growth bids for inclusion in Council support and guidance
  • providing clear financial and management accounting reports in accordance with within corporate and statutory requirements

Provision of relevant and timely financial advice and guidance to the senior management teams, members and budget holders.

To ensure that accountancy and exchequer services are creative and innovating in supporting each Council to achieve their organisational objectives.

To be responsible for the delivery of financial accountancy services to both Councils including all technical matters in relation to financial planning, tax and treasury management; preparation and publication of the Councils' Statutory Finance Statements and the preparation of each Council's statutory financial returns.

To oversee the administration and development of the financial systems of each Council.

To be responsible for exchequer services including creditor payments and all associated functions, the management and control of all payroll functions, ensuring the accurate and the timely processing of employee benefits.


Line Management:

  • You will manage individual and team performance to ensure that agreed targets and outcomes are achieved and that quality services are provided at all times, in line with our HR policies
  • You will be responsible for all aspects of staffing matters related to the team including recruitment, appraisals, absence management, capability and discipline
  • You will participate in and deliver staff development activities as required


  • Carry out your duties and responsibilities in line with Health & Safety Policies and associated legislation
  • You will actively promote customer care, value for money and performance management
  • You will manage organisational risk effectively and ensure effective governance around decision making
  • Your duties will be carried out in line with our equality scheme
  • You will be compliant at all times with GDPR and data protection legislation
  • You will constructively participate in communication and promotional activities
  • You will promote an environment of continuous learning & development and professional behaviour in line with the organisations' values and behaviours
  • You will manage the budget in line with the organisations Financial Regulations.
  • You will effectively manage and support change
  • To ensure that all activity complies with Standing Orders and Codes of Practice
  • You will contribute to the Councils' Emergency Planning arrangements.


  • You will be committed to the councils' visions, values and associated behaviours, including trusting and empowering staff and colleagues. You will know what your teams' role is in delivering this.
  • You will understand and communicate the Councils' plans ambitions and position to your team, supporting your team's understanding and engagement in delivery.
  • You will create an inclusive culture which provides opportunities for everyone to participate and progress in
  • You will have effective relationships across all Directorates, with stakeholders and external partners to ensure the councils' priorities and objectives are met.
  • You will positively promote and represent the Council at all times
  • You will be prepared to take on responsibilities and projects that may be outside of your normal work area but are relevant to your role

What the successful candidate will have:


  • Be a member of CIPFA or CCAB equivalent
  • Relevant degree or equivalent experience
  • A current full driving licence or equivalent mobility
  • Evidence of continuing professional development


  • Be able to think and act strategically across and outside organisational boundaries.
  • Have significant experience of managing relevant teams and functions with demonstrable success.

Knowledge, Skills & Abilities

  • Able to manage financial services within a complex environment.
  • Able to initiate, develop and sustain successful partnership working ensuring the collaboration required to achieve shared results.
  • Able to be a key advocate for change and have the personal courage and resilience to cope with ambiguity, uncertainty and pressure.
  • Able to work across South Ribble and Chorley.

You will positively influence our organisational culture by demonstrating:

Our Leadership Values

INTEGRITY - Builds trust in relationships, acts honestly and demonstrates impartiality and consistency in decision making

EMPOWER - Is courageous in trying new things, develops new skills and learns from experiences

INSPIRE - Delivers outstanding services to residents and supports a shared vision for the future

TRANSFORM - Proactively improving services and effectively designing and implementing change

COLLABORATE - Working together to deliver outstanding shared-services

Director of Finance

Chorley Council
Lancashire, UK

Published on 26 Jan 2020