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Chief Executive Officer

Job Title: Chief Executive Officer
Reports to: Board of Trustees
Over the last 29 years Welsh Refugee Council has established itself as a leading third sector organisation in service delivery for Asylum Seekers and Refugees. It is well recognised and respected across the sector and its core business is:

  • To support Refugees to become integrated into Welsh society
  • To work in partnership to meet the complex needs of our service users
  • To provide education and training
  • To influence and develop policy
  • Public and stakeholder communications

We are seeking to recruit a dynamic, experienced Chief Executive Officer who will provide leadership, strategic direction and empower our successful team of staff and volunteers. We are looking for someone with plenty of drive and initiative to deliver an innovative approach to the organisation's next phase of growth and development. They will have and significant high level leadership experience in third sector and sustainable development activities.
Our Chief Executive Officer will support the Senior Management Team to lead a diverse range of projects across the full spectrum of Welsh Refugee Council's delivery. Given the challenging environment and new opportunities in this sector; this includes creative problem solving, strategic planning and a keen focus on sustainability. Their work is based upon sound principles, ethos and sustainability with a focus on helping Asylum Seekers and Refugees successfully achieve their full potential.
You will have:

  • Knowledge/ experience of the third sector at a senior level
  • Suitable qualifications in a relevant discipline
  • Leadership experience as CEO or at a senior level and proven ability to motivate, develop, delegate and lead a team
  • Experience and business acumen including handling substantial budgets
  • Proven track record of managing diverse projects or a diverse organisation
  • Demonstrable success of attracting and developing new initiatives
  • An ability to work under pressure, to tight deadlines
  • Experience of lobbying and influencing policy makers
  • Experience of achieving and implementing quality standards
  • Effective interpersonal skills to work with staff, volunteers, partners, external stakeholders and funders
  • Confident and competent leadership skills to effectively represent the organisation across Wales and possess strong negotiation skills and diplomacy
  • Excellent presentation and communication skills
  • Experience of reporting to a Board and developing good relationships with such
  • Proven track record in overseeing successful tenders and fundraising bids
  • Understanding and knowledge Charity, Employment and Equalities Legislation

You will be a forward thinking, committed and passionate individual with a true belief in the ethos of Welsh Refugee Council and service improvement.
Overall job purpose - to be:

  • Responsible for the strategic leadership of the Welsh Refugee Council's work and to provide leadership to the Welsh refugee sector.
  • Ensure the organisation is fully compliant with Charity Commission legislation, Health and Safety and meets funders' requirements.
  • Accountable to the Board of Trustees for the development, implementation, progress, monitoring and evaluation of the Strategic Plan to enable the Welsh Refugee Council to achieve its aims and objectives.
  • Responsible for the day-to-day leadership, management, financial probity, development and growth of the organisation.
  • Work closely with Welsh Government, contributing to policy development with regard to Refugees and Asylum seekers in Wales; in particular, promote and assist in the delivery of "Wales Nation of Sanctuary".
  • Ensure the organisation is represented effectively to the media, to senior figures in government, to refugee communities and other key stakeholders, placing the interests of asylum seekers and refugees at the heart of everything the charity does.

Key responsibilities
Strategic Planning

  • Delivering the Welsh Refugee Council's Strategic Plan; through an Operational Plan that details the responsibilities, timing, targets and KPIs; providing regular updates on progress to the Board.
  • In consultation with the Resources Committee, the Executive Director of Resources, and other Senior Directors to develop financial strategies for the organisation to support its development, negotiating funding for specific services and activities with Welsh Government and other funders.
  • To further develop the strategic role of the Welsh Refugee Council as the leading Welsh voice in areas pertaining to refugees and asylum seekers.

Financial and Resource Management

  • To ensure effective management of the charity, ensuring that human, financial and other resources are utilized to maximum advantage and that all processes are transparent, accountable and legally compliant.
  • To ensure all plans and budgets are prepared and submitted to the Board of Trustees as required, in a clear and understandable format.
  • To ensure the organisation meets the reporting requirements of both Trustees and funders.
  • To lead and manage the organisation in securing and maintaining a sustainable funding base.
  • To advise the Board of Trustees on financial risk assessment, reserves policy and investment policy (when appropriate) taking professional advice if necessary.

Leadership and Management of Staff and Volunteers

  • To provide clear leadership, direction and vision to staff and volunteers of the Welsh Refugee Council and ensure it adheres to its value base.
  • To lead, motivate and coach the senior management team to meet the organisation's strategic development or changing requirements, ensuring responsibilities are clearly understood.
  • To lead the staff and volunteers, ensuring their work is consistent with the organisation's beliefs, strategy and operational plan.
  • To ensure effective supervision, performance management and communication are achieved throughout the organisation
  • To ensure the organisation is managed to the highest standards, to safeguard its integrity and meet all its statutory obligations.

External Relationships

  • To ensure the organisation is represented effectively in the public domain and to the media
  • To build effective working relationships within the sector and ensure that the working partnerships with major funders, refugee communities, local and national government and other stakeholders promote the objectives of Welsh Refugee Council.
  • To maintain and seek to improve the public profile of the organisation in all parts of Wales, ensuring the of full use of the website and social media to communicate and campaign for the objectives of the Welsh Refugee Council.
  • Where possible, to implement and oversee research into the needs and ambitions of refugees and asylum seekers to identify gaps in service provision so as to influence service development.

Robust Governance

  • Foster good working relationships and ensure systems and structures are in place for the Board of Trustees to fulfil its statutory responsibilities and exercise effective control of the charity's affairs.
  • Report to the Board on progress against key strategic objectives, providing information and answering for organisational performance; ensuring that the Chair and Trustees are provided with all relevant agendas, minutes and papers as required.
  • Advise the Board in all aspects of leading the Charity, including short term and long term strategic planning for the financial welfare of the Charity, human resources management, fundraising, communication/Public Relations and the management of the property portfolio.

Person specification

  • The post-holder will have a track record which demonstrates:
  • Experience at senior levels of management and leadership in a values-led, performance-driven environment including direct involvement in strategy, business planning and finance.
  • Taking and implementing difficult strategic decisions about resources in pursuit of agreed goals.
  • Experience of the management of change and its consequences.
  • Success in managing board level relations and relationships with external stakeholders.
  • An understanding of the importance of human rights and the welfare of refugees and asylum seekers.
  • The ability to communicate effectively with government external stakeholders and media.
  • Working in an organisation where service delivery is an important element.

Skills and personal qualities

  • High intellectual capacity to engage in policy formulations, sound analytical skills to be able to challenge the status quo and the creativity to formulate options for change.
  • The courage to stand firm in the interest of asylum seekers and refugees in the face of opposition and hostility.
  • A clear commitment to diversity and equality of opportunity.
  • Strong leadership and interpersonal skills with the ability to be diplomatic, sensitive and decisive and work comfortably at all levels.
  • Excellent communications and negotiation skills.
  • Energy, enthusiasm and good humour.
  • Passion for and commitment to the work and values of the Welsh Refugee Council

Desirable qualities

  • Ability to speak Welsh
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Chief Executive Officer

Welsh Refugee Council
Cardiff, UK

Published on 6 Dec 2019