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In 1997, local government came together and created the Local Government Association to be its voice in the national arena.


Based in Westminster, close to the Houses of Parliament and Whitehall, the LGA is a voluntary lobbying organisation, acting as the voice of the local government sector, and an authoritative and effective advocate on its behalf.


In fulfilling this role we target our efforts on the issues that matter most to councils, working with and on behalf of our membership to deliver our shared vision of an independent and confident local government sector, where local priorities drive public service improvement in every city, town and village and every councillor acts as a champion for their ward and for the people they represent.


We work as part of the wider LGA Group to assist our members to:


? shape public debate


? influence policy and practice in public services


? support innovation and excellence that enables in councils and their partnerships to meet future challenges


? help councillors exercise their democratic accountability and leadership effectively


? ensure that the sector attracts, retains and develops staff with the skills it needs


The 466 authorities who make up the Local Government Association cover every part of England and Wales. Together they represent over 50 million people and spend around £113 billion a year on local services. They include county councils, metropolitan district councils, English unitary authorities, London boroughs, shire district councils and Welsh unitary authorities, along with fire authorities, police authorities, national park authorities and passenger transport authorities. The Welsh Local Government Association (WLGA) is a constituent part of the LGA, but retains full autonomy in dealing with Welsh affairs.


Our priorities for 2008-2009 are:


? lead debate, drive change and make a difference through our six priority campaigns


? deepen and strengthen the role of councillors in the LGA group, and base all our work on the experience and practice of councils and councillors


? in the lead up to an election, position councils, and the people and places they represent, at the heart of the party manifestos


? lead and influence national policy and secure greater powers, responsibilities and resources for councils


? equip our staff to deliver the best service to member councils within a new culture of shared enterprise


? continue to develop and improve the LGA Group to provide value for money and agile, responsive and high quality services.

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